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Welcome to the website of A.V.L. Projects

A.V.L. Projects is your number one specialist for all your professional audio and video equipment and lighting needs for the business market. We are a leading supplier of audio, video and light solutions and the number one expert in providing a total service which is ‘crystal clear’. For A.V.L. Projects, offering tailored solutions means solutions that answer and shed a bright light on your specific problem! We don't make promises we can’t keep, but we do pride ourselves on providing fast and effective solutions to satisfy the most diverse wishes and requirements across a wide and expert market.

A.V.L. Projects delivers total audiovisual solutions and sells audiovisual equipment and professional lighting to companies, governments and institutions. Every step we take is the result of careful consideration and consultation with our clients: from design and advice to installation, management and maintenance. Experience and a personal approach are, and always will be, key elements in this and we treat every client as if they were our only client!

A.V.L. Projects is a proud seller of Exaltation lighting and ADJ products for the entire Benelux and offers bespoke LED solutions for the wide and challenging world of entertainment: www.exaltationlighting.co en www.adjgroup.eu


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